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What Does PWD do?
The Public Works Department (PWD) is responsible for the design construction and maintenance of Government facilities as well as Disaster preparedness support. Located in a complex on the North Sound Road, the department employs Engineers, Architects, Administrative and Trade staff.
How does one gain employment with PWD?
Whenever a job vacancy exists, the department will post advertisements in both the local media and on the Government Intranet. To apply for a job with the PWD you should mail, email, fax or hand deliver a complete application form and current resume to the department, by the deadline listed on the job advertisement to: Human Resources Public Works Department 370 North Sound Road P.O. Box 10505 Grand Cayman KY1-1005 Cayman Islands Fax: (345) 949-7731 Email:
If I submit a resume do I still need to complete the government application form?
Yes. The application form includes information that isnt listed on the resume
Who should I contact regarding a post I have applied for?
The Human Resources Manager or Human Resources Executive Officer at (345) 244-4823 or Email
How can I offer consultancy/Business services to PWD?
PWD is consistently involved in administrative or operational activities requiring the contracting of external services. When this need arises PWD will advertise its invitation of tenders via the local media and on the PWD website. These invitations will outline the process involved in making such bids.
Who are PWDs clients?
PWD provides services to Ministries, Portfolios, Government Departments, Statutory Authorities, and Government owned companies, approved private sector clients and any other entity that PWD agrees to provide services to. The majority of our activities are located in Grand Cayman and occasionally in the SisterIslands.
Can PWD fix my roads?
No. The construction and maintenance of roads is the responsibility of the National Roads Authority (NRA)
What is the difference between PWD and NRA?
Initially the Public Works Department consisted of two divisions, namely Roads and Buildings. In July 2004 the Roads division was separated and by an act of government became an authority, now referred to as the National Roads Authority (NRA).

Last Updated 2014-04-22