New Deputy Director for PWD

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Deputy Director in charge of Operations, Niasha Brady

Published 20th March 2019, 3:33pm

Government has appointed Niasha Brady as the deputy director of operations at the Public Works Department, effective from Jan. 1.

Mrs. Brady is a product of the succession planning initiative which begun at PWD several years ago, according to a press release issued by the PWD on Thursday. After being identified as a likely successor for the new role, she took part in training and development initiatives to enhance her academic and practical competencies.

“My congratulations to Niasha on this very well-deserved promotion to the new post of PWD Deputy Director Operations. Niasha has demonstrated over and over again that she has the drive, determination, skill set and now the experience to perform to a very high level in this role,” PWD Director Max Jones said in the press release.

“I’m particularly delighted that we have been able to fill this senior post with a promotion from within PWD. This is a testament to the hard work PWD has been doing for a number of years in succession planning and in developing individual, customized career development plans for key employees,” Mr. Jones added.

Mrs. Brady was the department’s first female senior project manager, and is its first female deputy director of operations.

In her new role, she will strategically manage a restructured Operations Division of the Public Works Department and lead the four core sections of the department, which are Project Management, Consultancy Services, Facilities Management, and Recreation, Parks and Cemeteries.

“It will be our goal to continue to improve our focus on providing our customers with high quality, professional and reliable World Class service,” Mrs. Brady said in the release.

She has been an employee of PWD for about 11 years, during which time she has worked as project manager, acting senior project manager in the Major Projects Office, and senior project manager. Over the past year, she has been carrying out the role of acting deputy director of development and planning.

According to the release, she will continue to work closely with the Major Projects Office, managing the Long-Term Residential Mental Health Project.