Peter Ranger

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Peter Ranger

Chief project Manager, Major Projects Office

Peter is the Chief Project Manager of the Major Projects Office (MPO) responsible for the project management of all CIG Major capital projects above $10 Million in value. The MPO has 6 senior project managers and a project administrator who manage external consultants and contractors in the delivery of a range of projects with a value in excess of $500 Million. Current projects include the Owen Roberts International Airport Terminal expansion; The Integrated Solid Waste Management PPP Project; The New John Grey High School; The New Cruise Berthing facility PPP Project; The New Long Term Residential Health Facility as well as Option studies for the Police; Courts and Prison service. The MPO works closely with the other PWD departments to provide opportunities for local staff to work in the unit and gain further experience of major capital works. 

Peter hails from Scotland in the UK and Graduated in 1990 with a Masters Degree in Engineering from Heriot Watt University and began his early career with the Property Services Agency as a graduate trainee working on government capital projects. He then moved to National Consulting Engineering firms obtaining his Chartered Engineer Registration in 1995 working on large scale government; commercial and industrial projects from inception to completion. In 2002 Peter moved to an international multi discipline consultant and rose to the level of Regional Director for Buildings and Infrastructure delivering complex multi discipline projects. In 2011 he was promoted to Director Management Services responsible for Project Management and Cost Consultancy in the delivery of multi-discipline capital works using in house and external consultants.  

Peterís wife is from Cuba and one cold wet day in late 2015 he looked at the possibility of relocating to the Caribbean and came across the opportunity for the Chief Project Manager in the MPO at PWD. He applied for the post after 14 years with his previous employer and relocated to Cayman in early 2016. He has settled well as part of a team at PWD delivering major projects where everyone is always happy to try and look at ways to keep the projects on track. He enjoys working with all the colleagues in the different ministries and authorities who really want to deliver good quality value for money projects and enjoy coming to work.  

Peter has 3 sons and spends his free time with his wife and his youngest son enjoying the many opportunities that kids have in Cayman. He now needs to improve his Spanish speaking skills as itís only a 45 minute flight home to his wifeís family in Cuba.  

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