Levi Allen

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Levi Allen

Training, Development and Safety Officer

Levi has significant experience managing Technical and Support staff as well as creating initiatives to facilitate organizational development and business process improvement. His training in Project Management and Organizational Behaviour has fostered within him a strategic approach that ensures quality control, management of data and finances; facilitating the launch and management of ground breaking initiatives that aided entities that he has been employed with in improving efficiency and productivity.

His career has afforded him progressively complex experience in a variety of disciplines surrounding the fields of Management, Technical Vocational Education & Training, and Human Capital Development. Over the past 15 years, he has successfully embraced challenges and realized rewarding outcomes in providing Human Resource Interventions, Training Facility Management, Public Relations, Production Management, Business Process Mapping & Redesign, Programme Design & Management, Change Management, Employee Relations and Safety Management. This has permitted him to operate effectively at various levels of senior management.

He spends most of his spare time, rendering altruistic service through professional organizations such as Kiwanis International, the Football Association, PTA Boards or through the development of community based programmes in the Cayman Islands.

Hi passion for Organizational Growth, Safety and Sustanable Development has been enabled by my academic pursuits, which have yielded rewarding achievements. My undergraduate studies have afforded me competencies Institutional Management, Plant Management, Psychology, Research Methods, Engineering Science, Metallurgy, Workshop Management & Layout and the use of Information Technology. Similarly, my post - graduate studies have verified higher level competencies which he had already developed out of necessity on-the-job. These included studies in Organizational Behaviour and Management, Supply Chain Management, Management of Technology, International Human Resource Management, Project Management and Economics.

He holds an Masters Degree in Engineering Management ( Magna Cumlaude), A Bachelors degree in Industrual Technology (Hons) and a Diploma in Technical and Vocational Education and Training.He holds several certifications and has received  severeral academic and professional awards.

He firmly believes in leading from the front and creating a culture of excellence. However, my management style recognizes that humans are fallible and therefore quality management must be an attitude that is developed through practice until we "get it right the first time".

Last Updated 2018-01-31